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   Korean Pure Color Hollow Tassel Beggar Scarfs (5 Colors)

Price: RM22.00
   DIY Miniature Romantic Scene Series [Happiness Attachment]

Price: RM45.00
   Big DIY Miniature Romantic Sweetheart Series [Chocolate Kiss]

Price: RM138.00
   DIY Miniature Romantic Scene Series [Sweet World Tour]

Price: RM39.00
   DIY Electronic Robot Toy Brick Series [Rador]

Price: RM34.00
   DIY Miniature Cartoon House [Detective Conan]

Price: RM43.00
   DIY Mini Miniature Together Around Series [Romantic Manor]

Price: RM46.00
   DIY Miniature Glass Ball Iron Black Holder (23cm)

Price: RM10.00
   DIY Miniature Glass Ball Series [Norway Tree House]

Price: RM45.00
   DIY Miniature Romantic Scene Series [Looking Up The Sky]

Price: RM45.00

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   Hot Trendy Design Long Sleeves Black T-shirt

Price: RM18.00
   DIY Miniature Accessory Lover [Our Marriage]

Price: RM9.00
   Korean Cute Slings Layers Red Vest Dress

Price: RM15.00
   Small Pendant Doll Plush Turtle Brother

Price: RM12.00
   Chocopa Like Chocolate (2 Colors)

Price: RM29.00
   DIY Miniature Glass Ball Iron Black Holder (23cm)

Price: RM10.00
   Hot Trendy Design Long Sleeves White T-shirt

Price: RM18.00
   Round Neckline Long Sleeve White Lace Short Dress

Price: RM32.00
   Korean Sweet Cute Corn Kernels Woolen Curling Scarf

Price: RM18.00
   Phantom Pearl Neckwear Elegant Short Dress

Price: RM36.00

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DeznisFut - Messages :  (2018-11-06 04:31:16)
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ShanOn - Product Message ACC11040:  (2017-11-13 10:08:53)
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WONG SUH CHING - Received Goods PN17018:  (2017-08-02 18:34:29)
Crystalchan900331 - Received Goods PN17006:  (2017-03-03 07:19:47)
Reply : (2017-03-03 07:20:26)
shirley_lim - Received Goods PN16096:  (2016-08-10 12:20:58)
Hi juz recvd my order tnxs.
Reply : (2016-08-10 13:34:59)
Hello thanks for informing. Welcome to visit again oh. =)
dave88 - Received Goods PN16090:  (2016-07-25 13:51:41)
thank u so much for the item! i receive it in good condition.
Reply : (2016-07-27 09:52:46)
Thank you for informing and thank you for your satisfaction, welcome to visit again oh.. Have a nice day~ =)
kail85 - Received Goods PN16083:  (2016-07-15 13:29:56)
Hi, I have received the item. Thank you very much!
Reply : (2016-07-15 20:14:22)
Thanks for informing. Have a nice day =)
Sherelyn85 - Received Goods PN16087:  (2016-07-15 12:58:39)
Hello. The parcel already arrived.. Thanks once again
Reply : (2016-07-15 20:14:37)
Thanks for informing. Have a nice day =)
cheow_geok_lan - Received Goods PN16081:  (2016-06-23 13:57:26)
店主,你好~ 已经受到货品了,谢谢! 还有盒子里面的小惊喜,我喜欢,感谢你 ^_^
Reply : (2016-06-23 18:59:22)
miziyasin - Received Goods PN16080:  (2016-06-22 13:10:16)
I just received the parcel. Thanks for the good service.
Reply : (2016-06-22 15:50:50)
Thanks for informing and enjoy. Have a nice day~ =)
WONG SUH CHING - Received Goods PN16058:  (2016-06-04 12:31:43)
Reply : (2016-06-07 11:35:00)
谢谢您报平安,有空再来看看噢~ =)
calrin0711 - Received Goods PN16069:  (2016-05-30 13:01:56)
Reached. Thank you.
Reply : (2016-05-30 23:22:00)
thanks for informing. Enjoy and hv a nice day
Jennie_lin - Received Goods PN16070:  (2016-05-28 09:05:41)
Reply : (2016-05-28 12:50:24)
Thanks for informing. Enjoy and have a nice day =)
Lee - Received Goods PN16067:  (2016-05-25 20:07:24)
Item received, thanks
Reply : (2016-05-25 20:14:51)
Thanks for informing. Enjoy and have a nice day =)
yukiishikawa - Received Goods PN16066:  (2016-05-25 18:28:53)
I had receive the item ~!
Reply : (2016-05-25 23:07:26)
Thanks for informing. Enjoy and have a nice day =)
chong_choy_why - Received Goods PN16063:  (2016-05-19 18:09:34)
Parcel received. Thanks.
Reply : (2016-05-19 19:18:47)
Thanks for informing. Enjoy and have a nice day =)
tracey_andrew - Received Goods PN16052:  (2016-04-04 20:39:12)
Hello there i already took my parcel. Thanks very much. Good Service. Omg thanks for the free keychain!
Reply : (2016-04-04 20:48:49)
You are welcome. Welcome to visit us again oh. =)
funktionz - Received Goods PN16039:  (2016-04-03 13:49:03)
Extremely good and honest seller. I overpaid the shipping and the extra amount was also returned. Very good! Looking forward to buying more items from this seller. Thank you.
Reply : (2016-04-04 12:49:50)
Thank you your satisfaction, welcome to visit again oh.. Have a nice day~ =)
sukiun - Received Goods PN16049:  (2016-03-15 06:45:53)
Reply : (2016-03-15 12:41:40)
谢谢报平安,有空再来看看噢~ =)
zunker13 - Received Goods PN16034:  (2016-03-03 13:45:36)
Reply : (2016-03-04 10:46:53)
Thank you for your satisfaction, welcome to visit again oh.. Have a nice day~ =)

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